Norwegian Travel Workshop was held in Stavanger 16 – 19 of April 2018 and Notum / Anne-May Waage was Project manager for the host Region Stavanger.

Norwegian Travel Workshop was arranged for the 46 time and has been held in Stavanger 4 times before, last time in 2006. This the annual largest workshop in Norway where Norwegian Suppliers within the tourism business get a chance to meet buyers (tour operators) from all over the world.  Innovation Norway holds the workshop and the hosting city must apply several years ahead of time. 

At this years NTW several records were beaten – the most buyers and suppliers ever – and within 3 hectic days over 8000 meetings were held and important deals were landed.  All the participants was also able to show all the best that this region has to offer. There were tours to mountaintops, the fjords, museums, the beaches, Vikingsites and the whole region was shown in the best possible way.  The sosial events was held at the Stavanger Conserthall,  Dine Around at 12 various restaurants in Stavanger and Sandnes,  fjordcruise to the Lysefjord with party at Gloppehallen.  And the workshop itself was held in Stavanger Forum. 

In the evaluation of the NTW we found that the score was best ever as to how pleased the participants were with the workshop, and events. We are so honored !
760 participants from 35 contries was given a lifetime experience. And we in Region Stavanger hope that this will lead to more tourists to our region all year around, and increased income for all that runs businesses within tourism.