Product-development / Consultancy within the following fields:


Any project need someone to keep the overall management, and sometimes it can be useful to seek help from someone on the “outside” to keep track.  Our manager has been projectmanager for various themebased project within tourism business the last years.


How to find your USP, might be an challenge, and help from the “outside” might be useful.  Has your company reach a point where some advice how to “be innovative” might be wise?


The jungle of marketing possibilities within the tourism business large.  but our company has long time experience,  and our knowledge has come to a stage where we feel we can help others make the right choices.


Adapting for sale in an efficient way can be difficult to tailor.  What does your business need from resources? And do you reach the target audience that is important for your business? ?


The GM has attended workshops for 20 years and knows the methodology and way of dealing with this.  She has worked in and for various tourism companies and has a high level of contact in the market

Advice within the tourismbusiness:

Within tourism it may make up the small difference when you are new within this game. Perhaps your company just needs someone from the outside to get back on track? ?

Photo Assignment

A lifelong passion for photography and using our own images in marketing has taken a step further. The general manager took a course in creative photography 2016-2017 and takes photo assignments on request. Maybe your company needs image marketing material, check our instagram account? ?

Please contact us if you want to know more about our Consultancy and what we offer. Perhaps you have a certain problem you need help solving?