Projectmanagement / coordinating tours / conferences....


Does your company need suggestions for your next tour / get together /conference? We cooperate with several adventure companies, acomodations and transportation companies, and can tailormake the right package for your company.


In almost all projects, a management is needed to keep the overall control of the details.


If your company needs help to put together a complete package, we can help you with transportation,  acomodation,  exciting restaurants /dining on route and last but not least an exciting adventure activity to make your tour a real memorable experience for all.


How long does the tour take from A-B ?  How to get there ?  Which is the most interesting travel route ?  Does this touralternative work for this targetgroup ? We can try help you answer your questions.

Quality control:

When the tour /arrangement is ready, someone will need to quality control that nothing is forgotten. You want the participants to be happy and content.  Are all the details in place, or could we have arranged things differently ?

Please contact us if you want us to put together a toursuggestion for you. Dont hesitate to contact us!