Notum w/Anne-May Waage has been in charge of our yearly fashion-show Fashionista 4 times.  The show has been a great success, and we are looking forward to working with Notum for our next large event in the spring of 2019.

Wenche Ydstebø, Manager Fashionista AS

Anne-May Waage (Notum) assisted Røldalsterrassen AS with company profiling and marketing. Her contributions lead to great improvements of quality in our customer relations. Furthermore her vast experiences with summer tourism gave us a clear roadmap of how to improve our summer activities. We would recommend her work due to her extensive contact network in the Norwegian tourism industry, her experience and her sincere dedication.

Ross Porter, Røldalsterrassen

Pulpit Air was looking for someone who could produce photos of our products for our website and online shops (Amazon og Ebay). Notum – Anne- May was spot on the delivery, and helped us all the way with great material. The pictures turned out great, and will give our start-up a very professional look. Anne-May also helped us to establish in the marked with her Projectmanager knowledge. We are pleased to have chosen Notum, and will gladly continue the cooperation.

Benamin Knupper, Pulpit Air AS

«Norwegian Travel Workshop (NTW) is an annual event organized by Innovation Norway, where Norwegian tourism industry meets international operators for pre-booked meetings. NTW is hosted on a new Norwegian destination each year, and by 2018 the status of hosted destination was awarded to Region Stavanger.

As a regional project manager, Region Stavanger engaged Anne-May Waage from Notum.  As project manager for NTW Innovation Norway, I was very pleased with the way Anne-May solved this task. I was always confident that she had control and we had a smooth, open and good dialogue throughout the entire project period. Anne-May managed to balance an overall look with attention to detail, which is important to ensure that an event like NTW as a whole will be successful. With her great commitment and capacity, Anne-May performed a brilliant job as project manager NTW 2018

Kari Anne Schwach, Innovation Norway