Notum AS has been engaged by NCE Tourism Fjord Norway to participate in the project The Coastal Pilegrimage.. The main task for us has been to facilitate / package tours for travelers along this exciting Pilgrimage. The Coastal Pilgrimage Prosject  (KPL) – is a collaboration between 5 county municipalities, the Riksantikvaren, 4 Bispedømmer and NCE tourism.

KPL starts in Egersund and follows the coast of Norway to Trondheim and Nidaros. Sacred sites and cultural monuments resemble pearls along the western coast of Norway, telling an important story about coastal culture, living conditions and the Christianity of our country. We meet legends and saints, the Christian king Håkon the Good, Olav Trygvason and Olav Haraldsson, old stone crosses, churches, etc. We take part in the story that has shaped us and our country for the last thousand years.

As for the past 1000 years, it is easiest to travel the coast if you have your own boat. Along many stretches  of the coast boat routes have been s

ubstituted with submarine tunnels and bridges. Much of coast must therefore be transported by overland transportation, but one can still experience the spectacular coast of Norway